Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The New World Order Wants Your Soul

"Don't Worry, This Post is Documented"

The only way you'll be able to comment intelligibly on this particular post is to read the following 2 articles, which I have previously posted on WORLD PEACE Part 1.

The first one is "The People's Church".
The second one is "The Hegelian Dialectic & the New World Order".

It is obvious to me, and it has been for at least 3 years now, that this shadowy government that many of us, (like everybody), like to refer to as, the New World Order, has had a keen interest in infiltrating, not only governments, but also, the Church. It has been done.

At first, I thought the Reformed seminaries and churches would be immune to this, but currently, I am seeing a different scenario.

If you chose to participate and read the above 2 articles, please pay close attention to the way the Southern Baptist Churches in those articles have been incrementally manipulated to the manipulator's desired goal. Also, you must please try to understand the Hegalian Dialectic as defined and described in both of the above articles, or at a source of you choice, but you must understand it to fully appreciate what I'm trying to say on this post.

Then, if you still chose to participate, and you believe you understand who all the 'players' are, then please notice that Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, has been a CFR member for at least 3 years now. His name is on the CFR membership list right here.

Then, if you still chose to participate after that, then please notice here, that Michael Horton has been having conversations for years now with Rick Warren.

I did find that difficult to document online, but if you go to WashingtonPost.com, right here, and then scroll down that page to the "Discussion" section, and then scroll down the Discussion section to the handle name that is colored red called, "Woodland, Calif", and you will find in Michael Horton's answer to Woodland, the statement, "we've had some fruitful conversations over the years", an obvious reference to his relationship with Rick Warren. And please don't confuse this documentation with any of the satire sites online that try to get a rise out of people like me and other Rick Warren bashers. This is the Washington Post.

So, whhhoop-dee-do, right? What's the big deal with that?

Well first let me say, that this is not an attempt to assassinate the character of Michael Horton.

I am simply pointing out that Rick Warren is networking, and in a huge way.

Rick Warren is a documented member of the CFR, an obvious heretic, possibly an apostate with a "statist" agenda, (I believe he is), and he is trying to make inroads to the Westminster Seminary via the likes of Michael Horton. Rick Warren is also obviously hand-picked by handlers to be their "big gun" in throwing the net over all possible Christian influence, world wide. Just look at the status they have been giving him. He has gained more status politically and religiously over the past 10 years, than has any protestant preacher to date. Do you think he did that single-handedly? Do you think being a CFR member has been insignificant in the contribution to his "success"?

CONCLUSION: My point here is to try to get you to see the following:
  1. There is a world-wide, state-sponsored, and state-approved "church".
  2. This "church", is necessary for the assurance of "peace". See the World Peace Summit.
  3. Since it is necessary to comply with this "church" to maintain world peace, to not comply with the beliefs and standards of this "church" will result in you being labeled as someone who is not for peace, but against it. You pick the term that might best define such a person or organization in our current national and global political climate.
  4. This "peace movement", will not stop until we all sign on the dotted line…take the card, take the chip, give up more freedom, join, give our blood, our fingerprint, photo, number, DNA. Until we volunteer, donate, obey, comply, have nothing to hide, agree to stop our 'hate' from the pulpit, and on and on and on.

Do you still want to "submit"?

I thought we wanted separation of Church and state? Well, I'm sorry friend, but the state won't have it any other way. Apparently, neither will most of the Church. They are on our door step, like it or not. Notice any teachings of devils at Westminster lately?

So for those of you who despair of my infatuation with the NWO, I just want you to know that this is one of the biggest reasons why. We have to contend in this battle whether we like it or not. Otherwise, we will watch the Church, our families, and our own freedom of conscience, be swallowed up into an ungodly alliance with the devil.

Don't forget about the Alternative News Feeds over in the right column. We really can't believe a word we hear from the mainstream news media.

2 Cor 10:4-6
We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God.

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