Monday, February 23, 2009

Pondering the Bullet Form

  1. All human governments make laws that strictly benefit the government regardless of any consequences to its citizens.

  2. A Christian theocratic government uses God's law that benefit both the government and all it's citizens, believer and unbeliever alike.

  3. A human government will grow in depravity and its opposition to the Church and the Gospel, guaranteeing more suffering for their citizens and less and less exposure of those citizens to the Gospel.

  4. A Christian theocratic government will benefit the Church with freedom to spread the Gospel, and will benefit the unbeliever with the freedom of conscience needed to contemplate that Gospel.

  5. A neutral government, is like a neutral individual; he will only remain neutral just long enough to be persuaded by somebody to either do the right thing or the wrong thing, but, he IS going to do SOMETHING, eventually.

  6. A society based on a neutral government is like anarchy; it would only last a few hours, days, or years. The strongest and the loudest will eventually subdue the rest and henceforth make all the laws and call all the shots.

  7. As Christians, we have no such choice as being neutral. We are either Christians or we are not. We have chosen the side that is opposed to the world. We must chose that side in every area of our lives; even if it's in our choice of earthly government. We should desire and work for a government that is also opposed to the world and in favor of God.

  8. A Christian's "work" in the culture of this world, cannot remain neutral, nor can the work of the Church. We will either work for a Christian government, or for an anti-christ government; for a Christian culture, or for an anti-christ culture. Do you want to work for the anti-christ?

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