Saturday, February 21, 2009

Building Up the Standard of God

Here is a VIDEO playlist for this presentation, but for some reason, part one is unavailable.

Russel Means Website

The above Youtube audio series is an example of what I'm talking about in my post just below this one, and also in that interview I posted here. These are people (in the above video series), who are not even Christians, and yet they seem to know the value of building alternatives to what they don't like in our culture. They have a "better" standard that they want to live by. They don't want to live by someone else's standard. This is a "law" issue.

The standard we build and the bigger and more competent it gets within the context of our own culture, becomes not only a threat to the status quo, but it becomes a bargaining tool. We can say and claim, as an example: "We in this community of 30 million people, (let's say), will handle these matters ourselves thank you". "We have our duly elected leaders and other competent and trusted individuals in place and they are more than able to do their jobs." Etc... Stuff like that. Attitude like that.

This is the same as "governing ourselves". We must be equiped and competent to do that, as individuals, families, and as communities. That's why the man interviewed above invites anybody, not just Indians, to join their communities, but ONLY, if you're responsible. Responsible for what? Responsible for, and in, governing yourself. As Christians, our standard for governing ourselves is the word of God.

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