Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Son-In-Law the Lawyer

Hey, how would you like this guy defending you in court? Sorry, but this is the only photo I have of 'Eric', one of my son-in-laws. I just got through listening to this audio, which I posted right here, and I was astounded by the similarities to what this panel of concerned Christians were suggesting as solutions to the ills of our society and the effort that Eric is currently undertaking. Eric has been studying very hard, "law", and not the rival-to God's-law as is seen in our modern court system, but instead, a law that could easily be defined as one that is not "against" God, but one that is a promotion of God's laws and standards. You can see Eric's blog right here, where his studies are obviously paying off and he is establishing himself as an "authority" to a Godly alternative to our wicked courts.

I just wanted to applaud Eric publically, and also to suggest, because of this audio I just listened to and posted, I believe there is a growing desire and building of Godly alternatives to the rapidly ungodly and suffocating creature that we have to call 'government' today. The best place to start with such a Godly and ambitious goal, is with law. As this audio explains, if the Christian has no concern and an alternative to living by Godly laws, someone else will decide for him which laws will be the rule of the land. Setting up an alternative is key to offering an "alternative", and is the best thing we could do for those we love and care about, as well as our enemies. Let's follow Eric's lead here and start building alternatives to those who have a goal of wiping out every last vistage of Godly laws in our land.

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Castleman said...

Thank you for the kind words Steve.

My preparation for traffic court is coming along very well. I hope that in the very near future, I will be able to show many people of the fraudulent system we are made to believe is real.

Also, if the people can regain their true identity under God, and stop relying on the state from cradle to grave, I know that the church will become more relevant in society.

Calvin said "we are to understand the difference between the church government and state government like we understand the separation of the body and soul". But what happens when the body (civil) tries to grow in places it is not meant to be present? We call them tumors, and we have them removed.