Wednesday, February 11, 2009

About the Theonomic Assault Project

The Theonomic Assault Project is my humble attempt to expose the fallacy of any other law 'attitude' or system when compared to God's word, the Bible.

Though this wonderful project has already been accomplished and is being accomplished by many saints who are much better qualified than I, this page is simply an echo of their work and a tool to help my own feeble mind better understand the glory and the superiority of God's wisdom to that of the wisdom of men and of human convention, be it secular or ecclesiastical.

There are good Christian scholars and faithful saints who oppose the premise on this page, and I make no claims to any scholarly prowess or wisdom with which to contradict their work or to refute what I perceive is their error; this again, is a page of collaboration against their false paradigm.

God bless all of you who read, or participate in comment, and remember who is Lord. It is not you and it is not me. It is our Lord Jesus Christ. We are simply His humble servants who only seek His truth; and hopefully, not, our own agendas.


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