Monday, December 15, 2008

This is how they will kill us...soon.

After posting this video I did a little more looking into this George Green character. I believe what he is saying about the economy, food riots, etc..., because I've heard all this for years from many other sources. However, this guy appears to be a New Age, UFO wack, who claims to talk to ET's! THIS, is a problem. This leads me to suspect that he is mixing in some truth with what he guesses to also be 'truth' that he learned (on the inside scoop), from ET. Sooooo, I post this after-post disclaimer to convince me and you both, that we need to take what this guy is saying with the proverbial grain of salt. We might glean some insight from what he says, but buyer beware. It is better to be a "Berean" on this matter and check out the facts for ourselves. This guy is at least good for instigating a fact-finding mission. If you haven't undertaken your own fact-finding mission yet in light of what's going on in the world, I suggest that you are way overdo!

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Castleman said...

This is a very scary thing. I am starting to really lose hope that people will ever start to listen to what is important.

Fight on brother!