Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sermonwriter's Introduction

Welcome to the first blog of Sermonwriter's Blog!

Blog production and turnover time will probably be slow here, depending on how much time I have, but I thought I'd start with a little overview of who I am and what this blog represents.

The easiest way for me to do that would be to explain the blog's logo displayed on the top of the page. This logo was actually inspired by a current heated discussion I am having with my brother "The Outsider". We are discussing the value of imposing on the culture we share with "unbelievers", or heathens if you will, our own standards as Christians. Is this really a valuable thing in God's eyes? If so, is this of equal value as "spreading the Gospel" or evangelizing?

My contention is that all truth is God's truth, and every facet and nuance of that truth imposed or introduced into a pleuralistic culture, is just as valid and just as important as the Gospel itself. My logo explains this simplistically in pictorial description.

The sword, at the extreme left, is a symbol of God's all-encompassing truth. It is sharp, it is to the point. It cuts. It stabs. It penetrates anything it is applied to. It is the Gospel, but it is also more. The light radiating from the tip of this sword of truth, has many facets and elements which represent all truth as it is defined from God Himself in His Word. As stated, one element is the Gospel. Other elements would include the Law of God, His moral law, ethics, justice. His mercy, kindness, and love would also be truth from God as He defines these things.

As this sword of truth is introduced into a culture, and its many facets begin to illuminate the darkness, previously void of these things, all facets will supernaturally begin to take focus and begin to point to one thing and one thing only. This is represented in the logo by the stream of light shining from the tip of the sword and over toward the cross.

Is this realistic? Will all truth from God, eventually point to Jesus Christ, THE light of the world? I believe it will. As the logo demonstrates, all truth points to the cross of Christ, and the result will be the "lifting up of the Son of Man" where He "draws all men unto Himself", again represented in the logo by the crowd at the foot of the cross.

I have not given any theological arguments here for why I believe this to be true, but I just wanted to explain the logo, and its intended significance and meaning. To me, it is 'self-evident'. However, I do believe that there is sufficient Scriptural and historical proofs to verify my logo!

That said, as time permits, I may post some of these proofs as well as examples of how the sword of truth is so effective in bringing people to Christ, as well as exercising the authority of God, on earth, as it is in heaven. If you'd like to get a history of discussion on this, you can visit this page, upon establishing an acount at The PUB, to see some heated debate and discussion.

Until then, and until next time, God bless.


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