Friday, May 29, 2009

No Lone Rangers

Why I Am Not More "Active" in Civil and Cultural Actions.

Not that I assume anyone would really care about why I do this or that, except for me, but as stated before this blog is among other things, a place for me to sort out my own thoughts along the lines of "law attitudes". My only real activity has been to speak my faith, (Law and Gospel), to speak my mind, and to vote. I don't currently consider these things as being the limit to what needs to be done to effectively conform our culture to the standards of God.

I guess part of my reasoning for cowaring from more aggressive activities comes from a sense of being alone in engaging in such battles. I use the term cowaring with some hesitation because this presumed cowardice is rooted in a fear and/or inappropriateness of "going to battle" without the authority and support of the Church. It would be similar to a soldier enlisted in the service of his country, engaging what he percieves is the "enemy", when his country is not at war and does not acknowledge who this soldier is attacking as any kind of enemy! This makes the lone soldier appear to be more of a rogue terrorist rather than a patriotic defender of his country, and, his effectiveness is thus limited, if not nonexistent.

Likewise, this is the hesitation I feel when contemplating action in the civil and cultural arena. If the Church as a whole feels no moral obligation or duty to God in rebuking the culture and its civil magistrates, then for me to engage alone or with a few others, seems a contradiction to what I feel is the necessary momentum and authority to engage in such activity.

Alone I may engage as a "citizen", but as I have expressed before, this is a weak and humanistic approach to what I feel is the responsibility of the Church as a whole. I would rather stand on a firm foundation as a "Saint" who is a citizen of the Kingdom of God bearing the standards of the King of Kings and the Lord of lords.

This is a far cry from taking a stance as a citizen of a morally corrupt and anti-Christ culture. I do not want to engage the immoral culture on the standing of a citizen of that immoral culture, but rather as a citizen of the morally and spiritually authoratative Kingdom of God. But how can I, when the Kingdom of God as manifested on this earth at this present time, is unwilling to acknowledge an earthly enemy, and, its duty in obedience to the King? I don't know. I wait with prayer and further provoking of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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