Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Corporatism and the Nature of Man

I have been browsing the Victory Garden Militia's videos and am finding some very like-minded ideas. This vid is about Corporatism, a term I believe, is used to be a more pallatable way to express Fascism. Joe here is very upset about Corporatism and how it has robbed mankind of our very nature and freedom of conscience, so don't be alarmed that he might use some questionable colloquialisms to express his anger. Don't get mad at Joe. Get mad at the Corporate fascists and then vote with your pocket book. I am finding that the whole purpose of this "VGM" is to educate people on alternatives to dependence on the Corporate Fascists. That really is the key. The more self reliant we can become, the less power these Fascists will have over our lives and over our consciences.

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