Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fighting Tyranny: "What Can I Do?"

"I'm Too Old" and "I'm Too Young"

Alex Jones; Infowars.com__04/14/2009
Running time: 00:03:04
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I know the following doesn't look like a concrete list of 'things to do', but it's more of an attitude check. Everybody can open their mouths, and that's where it starts. Much like the Kingdom of God which grows by 'word of mouth' and living by those words, tyranny is pushed back by word of mouth and living by those words. Anyone with a convicted heart can do it no matter what your position in life is and no matter what your resources are.

  • "I know historically what tyranny is and I know it's a lot worse than freedom."

  • "A lot of the public all talk and plan and have endless meetings and
    announce all these big wild ideas and then never put it into action."

  • "Are my films perfect; is my work perfect? Am I the slickest guy on the
    radio? No. but it's real and that's what matters."

  • "I would just challenge people out there to stop spending your whole life saying 'what can I do what can I do'".

  • "At Lexington and Concord a large percentage, in fact close to a third of the people were above 70 that fought the British. There were 75, 85, 89-year-old people out there blasting British."

  • "My whole issue is, that they tell you you're old and so it's your time to just enjoy yourself. What, watch TV and get Alzheimer's?"

  • "Who told you your life doesn't matter now or you don't have value, or nobody should hear from you?"

  • "Young people are like, 'shut up old man', and old folks are like, 'shut up you dumb kids'. ...we're all together."

  • "They've taken all the natural order of things and screwed'em all up."

  • "You'got all these old men who think their life's over; they don't have anything to give now; like they don't matter."

  • "Look, I don't care if you're 10-years old or if you're 95-years old. You got a job to do fighting corruption. And you have value."

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