Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starvation Math

Sunday, August 29, 2010
Starvation Math
by Me
Anybody good at math? Not sure I'm doing the numbers right, but it looks like 56 million would the United States.

More Mad Max scenario predictions. Last Great Depression=90% rural farmers; over 7 million starved in the U.S. This Great Depression=Less than 10% rural farmers; How many will starve now?

Oops, I gotta triple that because our population has tripled since the first great depression and I didn't figure that into the equation, so make that about 168 million that would the United States.

Wow, I hope I'm wrong, that's more than half the population starving to the United States.

Theoretically, that means that half the people I know, (and/or me), will starve to death within the decade or sooner.


Castleman said...

The problem with this math, and with all of the conspiracy theories, is that the stock market crashed in September of 29, and we were in a full blown depression by October, which took people off guard.

This situation is not the same, we have worldwide connections now, and as the world falls apart, it will continue trade. There will always be fish in the ocean, and there will always need to be trade, which is different than a localized depression, that hit the United States solely. This is why we have been doing better than all the conspiracy theory types "hoped" for.

This country will change, but it won't be the same as it once was. It is not localized.

Sermonwriter said...

Oh, so people without food, if they're not "off guard", then they can eat? Well, sounds like wishful thinking to me. Good luck living through that delusion.