Monday, December 7, 2009

Check it out...I'm turning 'Catholic'

Yeah, I didn't believe it either. Turns out, my son-in-law, Eric, has been really looking into the claims and the theology of the Roman Catholic Church for the sake of his father who has been doing the same. I talk to Eric frequently and he has been sharing his findings with me. Needless to say, I have been pleasantly surprised!

Eric, being my 'subordinate', (haha), would do well to mind his place in these matters, but the sheer veracity of what he is communicating to me from the Catholic faith, I am finding, is not what I have any desire to claim superior wisdom over. He is convincing me easily with the facts, and I eagerly accept these facts as they are, one-by-one, extinguishing all the anxieties I have had with the Reformed faith.

Details on what I mean will be following for sure because I am currently very much excited about the Catholic faith and its consistency to Christian doctrine and ethics. In the mean time, check out Eric's latest blog posts to follow this fantastic discovery of true Christian faith...

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