Friday, July 17, 2009

Andrew's Prophecies

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2/2 Andrew's prophesies come true
Yes, w/in 5 days of each other. Sunday, just me and him on the drive to church, he says from back in his carseat: "I think Paula and Eric will come to church today." I've seen them once in the past year there, of course, last summer I went not at all, then they stopped coming when I started back up. "Now, " I say, "Last night was Eric's birthday party". Explaining that it was least of any morning we would see those two at church. He said twice more on the way that maybe they would come this moring too.

I was lazy, excuses, excuses, got off late the night before, etc. So basically Andrew and I were driving there to return and get more books from the library. So, sitting there in the foyer, (late as can be), we see doors swing open, see people filing out. By now I am usually at the library door, but I sit to yack w/a 95 year old lady. Wow! Out of those doors come Paula and Eric. What a feeling it was to see family at URC besides us.

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2nd of Andrew's Prophecies
So, our African desert tortoise has been missing for 12 weeks or so. The same one that God brought back to life after I left him in a large pan of water over one freezing night a few years back. Anyone remember me pouring lukewarm water over him for hours all day when I found him frozen? On top of the skakeboard ramp Paula made in my old backyard?

Summer before, I had fried two tortoises. Left them in a large plastic bucket of water, so cool and comfy after a long summer day I spent at work. Only I left them for 2 days, and forgot about them, the water and turtles were gone when I went to check on them in the horror of realizing what I did. The dead turtles were there, but the water was not.

The gate flies open from the wind, sometimes the gardeners forget to close it. I tell Andrew that the turtle must have left by the gate. Funny, when we first moved here, I was always bringing that thing back before he hit the gutter at the end of the driveway. Probably the last time I laughed, remembering. I said, "Even the turtle wants to get away."

LLoongg story short! Yesterday, on the way to school at 7:55 am Andrew says "I think the turtle dug a hole and went next door. He's said that before. We had been talking on the way to school how we missed him, and how he has been gone for so long. There is cement all around the fencing in the backyard. So I just agreed.

This morning, Mitch is answering the call from the neighbor, hitting on his window. He calls Mitch to his driveway and asks if that turtle is ours.


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