Saturday, June 20, 2009

Christians MUST Leave Public Schools

Below is a rough outline of a portion of this sermon I posted yesterday. I believe this topic to be one of the most crucial to the spiritual health of our kids, families, Church, and our nation, and so I single it out here.

The widespread acceptance of sending Christian children into the State school system.

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  • A system that is atheistic, antichrist, pro macroevolution, pro sodomite, pro feminist, pro idolatry, and anti-parent. This is widespread in the church and the public school system is completely accepted.

  • Deuteronomy 6:6-9 teaches, along with Ephesians 6:4, that Christian parents have a Biblical responsibility to make sure that their children have an explicit and thorough Christian education and training.

  • Every single course is to come from a Christian perspective. Jesus Christ is the Lord of mathematics, history, geography…ALL topics, and He must be integrated into every aspect of education.

  • Christian ethics must be integrated into all aspects of daily living. You are NOT going to get that in the public school system with its sensitivity training on sodomite marriage and the teaching that the American Indians are more noble and wonderful than Christians, or its teaching on how wonderful Muslims are.

  • The public schools are not permitted to teach the centrality of Christ.

  • Christian parents are not allowed by scripture to hand their children over to pagans and atheists. They are not allowed to have their children intermingle with heathen idolaters, liars, fornicators, sorcerers, Christ haters, and sex perverts.

  • AND YET, these State schools are fully acceptable in our denominations. Is this not utter foolishness? Is it not sinful and exceedingly dangerous spiritually? According to the Bible it definitely is.

  • So why is it accepted and defended? Because of human traditions, pragmatism, because of a failure to preach the whole council of God.

  • If the churches taught the truth on this issue and required parents not to send their children to state schools, the Churches would shrink and lose members, and that is simply unacceptable, so the parents are accommodated. Their sin is excused. Their wickedness is allowed.

  • Yes it is sinful to send your children to public schools. It is wicked. It is one of the worst sins you could do, to hand your children over to a bunch of heathen to raise them…to teach them for you.

Both of the last points are clearly tied to the issue of the rise of materialism and hedonism in American culture.

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  • If the wife did not work, then families would have to adopt a simpler life style with less things, fewer amusements.

  • Moreover, if children are home schooled, that requires a stay-at-home mother, or, at least a solid Christian school which would require a large financial commitment.

  • Churches today, are simply REFUSING to make parents submit to the teaching of scripture and make the necessary sacrifices to lead a holy, consistent, Christian life.

  • Could you imagine the Puritans sending their children to Roman Catholic schools to be
    indoctrinated in Romanism?

  • Could you imagine the early Presbyterians sending their children to American Indian schools to be indoctrinated into the world view of a pagan savage?

  • Yet what makes it right to send your children into a state school where Christ is not allowed in the classroom? AND, they are indoctrinated in Statism…pro homosexuality, pro abortion, pro feminism, pro fornication, pro evolution, you name it.

  • The modern church is up to its neck in sin on these issues and it needs to repent. Let us mourn for the state of the Church. Let us mourn for the poor covenant children who must be exposed to this Satanic garbage.

  • Let us mourn for the Church who develop arguments against scripture to make it easier
    to sin.

I am not aware of any reforms coming from within the Church in the 20th century.

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  • The rise of the home-school movement, largely is due to people like R. J. Rushdoony. It did not come from within the Church, that is to say, the Church bureaucracy.

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