Wednesday, January 28, 2009


90-Day Scenario Gets More Teeth!

Bill Number HR-645 01/28/2009

Running time: 51:52
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"The key here is, they are now openly announcing the camps, and that means,they are getting ready to move with them." This is a "maximum alert" against tyranny. Google HR-645. The "final piece" of the NWO has been put in place. "Lets have
a moment of silence for the Republic". New legislation authorizes FEMA camps in the United States. "The architecture of the 'death camps'. Part 2 is a summation of the facts details of this new legislation. Google "Civilian inmate labor camp program". Google "Infraguard". Google "Threat Integration Centers". If you have stored food and water you'll have a better chance by not giving them just another excuse to "camp" you.

Don't forget about the Alternative News Feeds over in the right column. We really can't believe a word we hear from the mainstream news media.

2 Cor 10:4-6
We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God.


Anonymous said...

Free government housing ?

Sermonwriter said...

Hehe. Hoho. Hmmm, I guess you can look at it that way...if you really want to be housed by the government. Let's see, there's federal prisons, state prisons, county jails, city jails, and, oh, FEMA camps. They're all free! Let's not forget the public schools. We musn't forget the public schools.

Castleman said...

Maybe only Christian care

Sermonwriter said...

Care? Care about what? Care about free government housing, or care that FEMA is here to destroy our lives? I assume you mean the later, but, even if you do, I'm not so sure 'christians' care about FEMA destroying families because they refuse to acknowledge FEMA as an enemy of God, family, or Church. They won't acknowledge that FACT because they REFUSE to "care" enough to see if that might be true.

And what if they DID know it was true? A lot of them do, but instead of that motivating them to care further, and to initiate or join with plans to expose FEMA, they continue to regurgitate a false doctrine that promotes submitting to FEMA! DAMN THEM!

So you're right Castleman. Only Christians care. Only REAL Christians will care enough to take a threat against God, family, and Church, seriously enough to take a stance of opposition, instead of a stance that is obviously trying to humiliate their brothers and sisters in Christ.